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Are we there yet?

If you have kids, I’m sure you’ve heard this a bizzillion times. But this time I’m doing the whining. I’ve always scoffed a little, quietly of course, when I’ve heard women say they can’t wait for the pregnancy to be over. I thought, you know you do have to deal with a baby then and you’ll look back on this time as well rested and calm in comparison. In my defense, I’ve always had fairly easy pregnancies. Back ache, swelling, running to the bathroom every 30 minutes? Not me. Well, guess what? I have a whole new perspective, and I’m the one saying it now.

Last week the doctor told me, based on Emily’s position and the severity of the Braxton hicks contractions, that it could be any day now. He recommended that I take it easy for the next two weeks. Um, yeah, right. But you see, I don’t have time to have a baby any time soon.

This week I am 36 weeks. This week I also have two baby showers, a school event, and my son’s baseball game to attend. Oh yeah, and Mother’s Day. The next week, I have a doctor’s appointment, my daughter has a dentist appointment, it’s my anniversary,  we have a tour of the maternity wing scheduled, and that Friday is the annual school carnival that the kids are wildly excited to attend. Oh, and I still have editing to finish for the day job before I can officially go on maternity leave and give in to my nesting instincts….which means my house isn’t ready! ; )

A baby? Really? She’ll have to wait until the week of the 21st. That’s all I’m saying.

Okay, since you put up with all of my whining above–or maybe you skipped to the end. I don’t blame you–I thought we could do something fun. Ms. Emily’s official due date is June 6th. Why don’t you all guess which day between now and then (or after, who knows?) will be her birthday. Date and time in case of a tie. After she’s born, I’ll send a .pdf copy of Altered Destiny to the person who guesses the closest.

Sound fun?



31 Responses

  1. May 17th 1:45 pm Good luck!!

    • Okay it’s funny that as I read these I’m looking at the calendar and thinking, Okay that’d work, or Oh no that’s not a good day for me, too much to do.. ; ) LOL Good luck, Heather.

  2. Those last few weeks are always the hardest, especially if you have other children running around. Hang in there and try to rest when you can! Wishing you peace filled days as you await your the new bundle of joy. 🙂

    I’m guessing May 18th 12:04.

  3. June 4th 🙂


  4. I’m guessing May 18th – my sister’s birthday!

    Good luck, Sweetie! We’ll help you PUSH!!

  5. My birthday is Sunday (May 13th). It’s also Mother’s Day. I think little Emily might just give her mommy her own special present that day–at 4:53AM:-)

  6. Okay, fine, since it looks like she’s refusing to wait until the 8th so we can have the same birthday…hmmm. I’ll put my vote in with yours and ask her to hold off until the 22nd.

    • That’s my blogging day too! And yes, Cynthia, it’s scheduled! Online nesting in full swing. ; ) I like the 22nd. 05/22/12 (5/4/3) Yes, I am that big of a geek. ; )

  7. May 26th, 3:30 pm! mine was born on a saturday afternoon and it was nice for those who wanted to visited b/c it wasn’t a weekday!

    • That’s a good thought, Keri! And best yet? My husband’s scheduled paternity leave starts on the 28th. Of course if Emily comes before then, he will start it immediately.

  8. May 13 4 pm!

  9. I think June 6th is a perfect day! You should stick to your due date 😉

  10. Well, she will definitely show up on the exact day you don’t have time to deal with labor and delivery!

    I’m going Friday, May 18. She’ll be arrive about 3:34 p.m.

    • Cynthia, last night my oldest daughter and husband requested that I have the baby after 5:30 on a weekday or on the weekend. smh. Yeah, sure. ; ) Okay, May 18th and 3:34 We’ll see. ; )

  11. 5/27, 3:25 pm

  12. I am guessing May 18th..it has a nice ring to it.

    • Hi Josie, I think that’s two, or maybe three for May 18th. Popular day.
      : ) We had our hospital tour last night and the nurse told us that the last full moon every room was full. They had to use triage rooms to accommodate everyone. I’m checking to see when the next full moon is.

  13. Holy cow, lady! You DON’T have time to have a baby, geez!

    I’m going with 5/21. She’ll pretend to be all accommodating and then BAM hit you juuuuust a bit too early. 🙂

  14. Good luck! I, personally, do not like being pregnant, but I totally agree with you about the no sleep after. I only got sleep between pregnancy months like 3-7. Lol. The first 3 I was constantly getting up to go to the bathroom and waking up from strange dreams or nightmares. The last 3 I was uncomfortable because my boys were so big and in 1 pregnancy, the baby was breach until the end. I hope you get all of your list accomplished before Emily arrives. 🙂
    I predict she will come on May 17th around 2:30.
    Best wishes for you and your family!

  15. Thank you so much, Tina. Yup, this is the first pregnancy where I truly understand why some women don’t like it. I’ve always felt better, healthier, and had more energy when pregnant. Not this time. ; ) Besides, I’m getting antsy to hold her!

  16. I’m late to the party but had to throw May 23rd out there since it is the best day ever this month and it so happens to be my birthday too 🙂 Congrats Shawna!!

    • LOL You’re not late. ; ) You guys can keep guessing until the baby is born if you like. ; ) If I’m not around to wish you a happy birthday in 2 weeks, Happy, Happy birthday! Have fun. : )

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