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Lunacy – A Guest Post from Silver James

Hi All! Once again, I’m out playing…not really. My local chapter is hosting a writers’ retreat. Sort of like a lock-in for chapter members. We’ll be doing 2 hours writing blocks. The idea is to get words, words, and more words this weekend. Lucky for me, good friend Silver James stepped up to fill in for me. Thanks Silver!  Take it away…..

Hi, everyone.  I’m Silver James and I write romance. We’re all about the romance around here, right? I happen to love my romance with a healthy dash of magic and mystery. Are you wondering what the word “Lunacy” has to do with romance? Funny you should ask.

According to the Merriam Webster on-line dictionary:

lu•na•cy noun \ˈlü-nə-sē\; plural lu•na•cies
: insanity; also : intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon

Way back when, the medical community thought the phases of the moon affected the human body much the same way as it does the tides. Even though various studies have discounted this, talk to any cop, firefighter, EMT, or emergency room worker and they’ll tell you The Crazy™ happens when the moon is full.

There’s another moon word that people use when describing some of the craziness that goes on under a full moon.

moon•struck adj \-ˌstrək\
: affected by or as if by the moon: as a : mentally unbalanced b : romantically sentimental c : lost in fantasy or reverie

And that’s why I’m here today. I love the sentimental fantasy—though whenever I listen to those voices in my head, people might consider me to be a little unbalanced. I only worry when I talk back to them. *looks shifty-eyed* *bwahahas* Hey. I’m a writer. I’m supposed to have voices in my head. Right? Right??

Who went outside last Saturday night to see the super moon? Raise your hands. It’s okay. This isn’t a quiz. *raises hand* I made my husband take a detour after dinner so we could get a better view of it. I love moon watching. And I love all the legends that go with the moon—especially werewolves. The wolf is one of my favorite animals and the idea that one might morph into a sexy guy has long been a staple of romance—and horror. But in a horror story, the wolf is a bad beastie that eats the heroine for dinner. We won’t go there, ’kay? I’m all about the Wolf turning into the sexy beast who falls in love with the heroine and transports her to fantastic places while the full moon shines above.

 With that thought in mind, I set out to write a trilogy of stories around the idea that a Wolf becomes “Moonstruck” when he falls in love. When the Wolf in question happens to be a Special Forces soldier on a covert operation and the object of his “obsession” is a “superior officer”, sparks are sure to fly. Not to mention that lies, secrets, and betrayals are more personal under a full moon.

BLOOD MOON (Moonstruck Book 1) is on sale for the next few days for 99 cents for the Amazon Kindle. And to celebrate this new release, I’ll give away a Kindle copy of BLOOD MOON to one random commenter today. Leave your email address in the comment (so I know where to send your gift certificate for BLOOD MOON) AND you have to answer this question in your comment: Were you standing in the moonlight when got your first kiss?

(Moon picture Copyright © 2012 Clary Carey) Used with permission.)


16 Responses

  1. Welcome to the blog, Silver! Thanks for being our guest today.

    I love the idea of being moonstruck, and you’ve certainly built a lot of conflict into this story! 🙂

    I missed the super moon. It was cloudy here. 😦

    My first kiss was on the street on the way home from school when I was in 8th grade. I HAVE been kissed under the moon, though. 🙂

    • You know how the moon is made of “green cheese”? I think my brain is made of Swiss cheese! LOL. I’m glad to be here today–finally! Thanks for the welcome, NJ. Ah, yes. Those long walks home from school… 😉

  2. I can’t wait to read this series. And I love all the moon lore too. I don’t think my first kiss was under the moonlight. Hmm. Maybe I need to add that to the bucket list. LOL

    • DEFINITELY put it on the bucket list, Donna! Kissing under a full moon is really romantic. I hope you enjoy the series. I really enjoy all the characters involved.

  3. We were having a snowstorm during the super moon, so viewing was a bit tricky. And my first kiss was on a hot afternoon in a horse stall at a 4-H fair. Yeah, it reeked of romance. And horse manure.

    • Snow storm?!? Ack, Kari Lynn. Brrrr. I have to chuckle at the horse stall. There’s nothing more romantic than the smell of horse sweat and manure. Just sayin’…. 😆

  4. Actually, I was. I was in the 8th grade and we were at the bowling alley because both our parents bowled on Monday nights. His little sister always snuck around spying on us so we walked out in front of the alley. And under the moon (I’m guessing it was out) he gave me my first kiss. I felt like I had been waiting for it forever and it wasn’t really all that grand. But, hey, we were in 8th grade…and his kisses got better. My first kiss was from my husband 🙂

    • Awwww, Liz. That’s so cute. Siblings are such a pain! In my case, it was my older brother always snooping around. 😛 And congratulations for knowing exactly who your other half was! Wow. Not many can say their first kiss came from the man they married. 😀

  5. Hi all. I’m checking in from the hills of Arkansas. You can’t believe this cabin we are in! I think Silver might be having trouble accessing the blog today. I’ll touch base with her.

    Y’all have a good weekend. See you on Monday

    • Enjoy the retreat, Cyndi. And yeah. See my comment to NJ. I obviously needed more coffee this morning! Thanks for giving me the chance to drop by. Now go write, woman!

  6. Ah a moon struck kiss. How romantic. 🙂 Nope, I can’t remember my first kiss. How sad is that?

    I love the idea of moonstruck hero’s. Very great idea, Silver.

  7. Hi Silver!

    I didn’t go outside to see it, but a few days later we did our hospital tour and the nurse told us there was an explosion of babies born that night. They had to use every available room and were afraid they might have to start using the hallway.

    I love the moonstruck idea too!

    • Hi, Shawna. That doesn’t surprise me! I’d forgotten that babies would be “drawn” to the moon, too! 😉 But wow! Every room? That would make for a really busy night.

  8. Hi, everyone. I wasn’t sure how long to let things go for comments, but it’s been almost 48 hours now so I plugged the numbers into the ol’ random.org generator and out popped a big ol’ #1. Congrats, NJ. You’re the winner of the free copy of BLOOD MOON. I’ll be emailing you with the details!

    Thanks so much for letting me fill in for Cyndi. I hope she got pages and pages written. I had a lot of fun visiting with all of you!

  9. Well…backing up a bit. Natalie/NJ informed me that the members of the blog don’t get to win the giveaways. And by my calculations, that leaves two names eligible. And since the book is on sale and cheap, I’ll give both Donna and Ashlynn a copy. Yeah…I’m a soft touch. LOL

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