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Weird Windows

A few weeks ago, I paid my kids to clean my car for me, including the inside windows. The next day, I noticed an odd pattern to the rear window. It was a grid, like clean lines up and down, crisscrossing the defroster wires, with a bit of shimmer or fog inside the squares.

Then I began to notice it on other cars. Now it seems to be on EVERY car. Am I insane, that I never noticed this before? If not, what the heck caused it? Has anyone else noticed such a thing?

I tried to take a picture of my car, but the light shifted and it didn’t come out. So I Googled to see if I could find anyone else commenting on this. Nothing, but I didfind this website: Dirty Car Art Gallery. I’m unable to post a thumbnail here, so pleaseclick the link and check it out! It takes some real talent to draw people in car dirt.

Okay, that’s the theme for today. Tell me your weird window story du jour!


19 Responses

  1. Wow! I sure hope those folks who do car dirt art find some way to make money off it. They entertain hundreds–at least until the rain comes!

  2. Yes, it’s art. But I feel about it like I feel about ice or sand sculptures. To make something beautiful just for it to be washed away? I’d rather work on world peace. Or even MY world peace!

    • I would think it’s about the medium and the process more than the longevity of the result. People could consider reading a book a similar waste of time. 🙂

  3. That’s really one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. Never would have thought of drawing paintings in the dirty windows. I’m going to have to share this…to good not to.

  4. Very cool art! I guess I appreciate it because I have none-nada-zip drawing talent. Once upon a time I could draw a horse but now? Nope.

    As far as the car window…I’m not sure what you are describing. Sometimes if I can see a diamond shaped design in rear windows when the sun is just right. I bet that’s the same thing you’re seeing. Don’t know what it is but I figure it has something to do with making the glass shatter-resistant. You’ve seen how a car window don’t splinter but shatters into small pieces. Could that be what you saw?

    • The pattern you describe sounds right, but I NEVER noticed it before a few weeks ago. My car is a 1998 and I see it on new cars, too, so it’s not new glass.

  5. Okay, yeah, that shows some real talent but…WHO HAS TIME TO DO THAT KIND OF THING? Seriously. Who are these people? Do they not have jobs and kids and all the other stuff that eats of my days. Creating works of art that are going to be washed away makes about as much sense as writing a book then shoving in your desk drawer.

    Oh, wait….


  6. That’s so cool and far more entertaining than the “WASH ME” I’m sure my kid will think is fab.

    Natalie, it sounds like they left streaks behind on your glass. Windex ads…with the crows? You (and most people) need a better cleaner because of the way the light moves over the glass would be my guess. I don’t know. Or they used too much?

    I don’t know that my car windows have ever been cleaned. ahh…just a few more years to go and the kid will be at the right age for that kind of stuff

    Also, KeriLyn, I love you lots! LOL

    • I thought it had to do with the window cleaner but it’s not just my car! It’s EVERY SINGLE car I see now!

      I wish I could get a picture of it.

      Ooohhh! I wonder if it’s my EYES! Since I had the LASIK. That would be weird.

  7. All the anonymous comments are me. Couldn’t log in with my iPod.

  8. The art is amazing!!! And who looks at a dirty window and thinks, “I can make that dirt look like Einstein.”? I mean–wow!

  9. Did you get new sunglasses that are polarized? I see all sorts of patterns in windows when I have polarized lenses on. 😉

    • Gwen, you might just be brilliant. I did get new sunglasses when I had my surgery. They cause a weird dark shadow down the center of my cell phone screen, so they might be why I can see the pattern in the glass.

      I can still see it without the sunglasses, mostly when it’s not sunny, but that might be because I know it’s there.

      • Just experienced, but I won’t quibble. 😉 The cell phone clinches it. If I hold mine upright I can see it fine, turn it sideways and the screen looks black.

  10. Don’t know how I missed this, post! What an interesting site. I’m thinking these people might have a little bit too much time on their hands. LOL Talk about creative!

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