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Brotherly Love

Or just, boys will be boys, maybe? Or maybe Keri Stevens described it best last week with needing advice on boys in the summer and their bickering.

I don’t know how Stevens’ boys will grow up, but I can tell you the Iverson boys from the Roughnecks only…partially grew out of it.
They punch on each other.
They call each other names.
And yes, these are grown men. Boys. Is there a better definition for this?


Lane dropped his small ice chest in the back of his truck where he’d have it tomorrow to fill with ice and water for another day in this hot, humid weather.
Just when he started to leave, it became his lucky day, because his brother decided to be shitheads.
Trent caught him around the neck, pulled him down against his side sweaty side and scrubbed his head with his knuckles. “Let’s go get drunk.”
Lane, being the same height but thicker from actually working his ass off the last seven months when Trent mostly stood around, jerked his brother around with an easy twist of his arm. “Let’s not.”
“Damn it!” Trent squirmed and Lane released him. His brother rolled his shoulder. “When did you get stronger than me?”
Lane shook his head and yeah, smiled a little too. “When I started working and you started goofing off.”
Trent shook out his arm. “I don’t goof off. I’m taking it easy. For once in our lives we don’t have to bust ass and you’re ruining it for the rest of us.”
Lane pulled open his truck door. “So sorry that I’m not in the mood to lay around. Work needs to be done.” It was their life. Hell it was all any of them had ever known. Lane just had another reason for keeping busy. He had to get out of here before he ended up spilling his guts.
He and his brothers, they were tight as any army. Didn’t keep shit from one another. Not ever.
But Lane had. And now it was too late.
Trent wasn’t letting off so easy. “Come with us to grab a beer tonight.”
Lane only raised an eyebrow and pulled his truck door closed.

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I can’t speak for how Stevens’ kids are going to turn out—though I’m sure fab—but the Iverson boys are pretty good together. They bag on each other. They never cut another break, but if a bus was coming, they’d all jump in to try and save each other.

Do you have any siblings you ever fought with? Or what about close friends? How’d all that turn out? Leave me a comment. Tell me hi, answer my question—doesn’t matter! You’ll be entered for Christina Wolfer’s TWO BROTHERS. Contest is of an e-book and is open to International or U.S. Thank you Christina for donating your book to my tour! Visit Christina at her Website or see more on her book at Amazon.


17 Responses

  1. Well, I’m raising two boys and so I find this interesting. Presently, we haven’t had too much of a problem with them fighting, but they are just now growing into it. It’s going to be an interesting summer and I’ll let you know how it goes. They’re both competitive and headstrong, so I think I might need a whistle to referee…or vodka and a lock for my door. Either one.

    • I vote vodka and a lock! I think what helps with your boys, is they’re both pretty mellow to me. Or maybe that’s just good behavior in front of strangers. 🙂

  2. Great post,i dont have any boys but i do have 4girls who are always fighting about shoes 🙂


    • oooohhh Regina now I am there with you. My sister (older, btw!) used to steal stuff from my closet all the time. Take it off to college with her 2hrs away!!! My stuff may be cluttery, but I know when things are missing. it ended with a lock on my door!

  3. Keri, I’m reading Rough Ride right now and loving it! Everytime I think I’ll get to sit down and finish, someone needs something. It’s so frustrating, I don’t want to put it down! 🙂

    I had only one younger brother growing up and I used to beat the crap out of him, poor guy. But we are great friends now because he’s such a great guy and forgave me. LOL I think back about it and feel so guilty. Siblings…it’s a love hate relationship I think.

  4. I would like to announce that I awoke this morning to the peaceful sounds of my 13 year old teaching his 5 yo brother how to play “Sorry.” Miracles can happen.
    I wonder sometimes if I’m the only romance readin’-writin’ geek out there who, in the back of her mind, sees herself as raising future heroes? I even collect books with heroes who have the first names as my sons so I can give them to future DILs at their wedding showers.

    • I LOVE the book-collecting idea!

      I have two girls, so I’m usually looking for guys who are worthy of them. Sometimes I lament how far away my friends with of-age kids are. LOL

      My girls don’t fight. They barely even bicker. Until now, I thought siblings that didn’t fight was a myth. (Not that I’d ever heard of such a thing.)

    • aw, that’s awesome! and what a cute idea for collecting “heroes” for them! I would write one with their names for you….but knowing that ahead of time would creep me out, I think LOL

  5. I’m the oldest of eight, I lived with three cousins and I’m raising five so to say I’ve seen my fair share of fights is a massive understatement. My oldest boy and my youngest boy are angels away from each other but if they spend more than thirty seconds together it’s WWIII. I’m hoping they grow out of that when they get older.

    • oh my! 8? Bless your poor mom! And you with 5! I didn’t realize you had that many. My nephews are similar–apart–wonderful and easy to keep. When they get together is a whole nother world.

  6. No brother. A sister. We fought.

    Your Iverson Brothers may spar, wrestle and call each other names, but they seem to close.

    Good luck with the book, Keri. Love the bros!

    • Cyndi, I wonder if I’d had a brother if we’d have fought. I didn’t fight much with my sister unless it was over her taking my shoes and clothes. …unless I had a crossdressing brother, that is. 🙂

      and thanks! they were a lot of fun to write!

  7. Very nice excerpt. We didn’t really fight.

  8. thanks everyone for commenting! the winner is bn1oo !! email me authorkeriford @ gmail. com with your eformat of choice.

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