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Pulling the Trigger

Well, heck.

Wednesday snuck up on me…maybe because it feels like Tuesday. Memorial Day does that to you, kicks you all off balance so you don’t know what day of the week it is.

But it IS Wednesday and my blog day, so I’ll just get after it πŸ™‚

So, I’m in this weird stratosphere – the Between Books World – and I’m kinding flip-flopping around with no direction. Thing is, I really need a direction because the next book is due in September and I’ve not written a word. So, there’s this big rollercoaster of a book sitting in my path. But I keep climbing on the carousel and gobbling up cotton candy (aka, research and character sketch) rather than just climbing intoΒ  a car and strapping in for the ride. The dog-gone book is right in front of me, awaiting me, the screams of those riding echoing in my ears, but I won’t get in line.

And that has me worried.

I wonder if I’m still tired from writing so hard and fast this year. I wonder if I don’t have enough story. I wonder if I need more research. I wonder if I want to even ride…the shade is kinda nice over here by the entrance gate.

I can’t pull the trigger.

So maybe I just need someone to say, “Liz, get your ass in line and stop being such a fraidy cat” or maybe I need to tell myself that. Not sure, but there’s one thing I do know, this book ain’t writing itself.


Life certainly gets in the way, crowding my intent to accomplish words, but today is the last day of school and with it goes the projects, the lunch money, the PTA jobs, the studying, the baseball, the other 99 little things a mother has to do when school is in session. No vacations on the horizon (except Nationals). No major undertakings (the office renovatioin for husband is complete). Just me, my computer and more time than I’ve had in a while. So why can’t I get my enthusiam up and running? Why am I not in line?

So what about you? Ever had moments when you couldn’t pull the trigger? I’d love to hear how you overcame your silly fears and hopped aboard with both guns blazing.

18 Responses

  1. Wish I could tell you, Liz, because I’d have an answer for myself. Oh, I’m in the book – six chapters in. But I’m not IN the book, if you know what I mean. It’s a good story. I’m learning more about it all the time, and liking it.

    Now, if I could just find someone to write the damned thing . . .

  2. Liz,
    Get your ass in line and stop being such a fraidy cat.

  3. Oh, boy! I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for someone to reveal the secret answer to this one! LOL

    A quote next to my computer: “The greatest rewards in life go to the risk takers.” James McCormick Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

    Go, Liz! Go! You can do it!!!

    • Good quote…even if this doesn’t have much of a risk. Hey….maybe that’s what I need. A risk in this book.

      Hmm…will have to think about that.

  4. *kicks Liz in the pants*

    I struggled hard with my last set of edits. I’d open the doc. have my notes ready. I knew what needed to be done. And I just…stared and looked around. dangit I didn’t know I had the option of eating cotton candy during all that looking around!

    it finally reached a point of DEADLINE. NOW. and that got me going.

    • Well, it’s virtual cotton candy…but the real stuff would be good, too. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the kick. Think I will think about writing today. And do it tomorrow. There. Y’all got me on record saying I will start tomorrow.

  5. I “finished” the edits for the print version of Texas Two Step. But then a friend found a couple I missed, so I’m spending today having DragonSpeak read the entire book out loud to me and OMG! I’m finding things I missed. I bring this up because I’m about 50K in Texas Tango Tangle and this weekend I FINALLY had a breakthrough with that story and I have to keep it bubbling on the stove while I finish this one with a deadline.

    PLUS I have a deadline next week if I want to try the Med-Rom fast track.

    AND I have a 6/15 deadline for the Smokin’ Hot Firemen anthology that I have a story for.

    SO my point is….Well, h*ll. I lost my point. I guess I just wanted to whine for a minute. hee hee

    Seriously, I have no advice. I have a foot to kick your butt, but no motivating words that will move you off the starting line, except my favorite… SCREW THE MUSE! YOU ‘RE ON DEADLINE!

    • Wow, you’re seriously busy. I think that’s part of my problem. Just finished the short story for the free online read for the Superromance spotlight and the next book is here. This one will be 80-85K in words so it will be my first one at that length. So far I’ve written Supers at 65,000, 75,000 and now 85,000. Maybe I’m intimidated. Or nervous. Or….okay, butt kicked. I’ll stop pissing and moaning.

      Good luck. Drink lots of wine…seems to help me. LOL.

  6. You can do it!! Break down that wall of Fear or Procrastination! Bust through it.

    For me, the yet-to-be-pubbed, I’m afraid to start my new story because the doubt crows are whispering in my brain that I don’t know how to write a story. Little bastards need to be shot, but I’m out of ammo.

    • Yay, thanks, Marcie. You’re good at motivation. I’m going to start chipping away that wall tomorrow. Just going to start and worry about the story later.

      Yes, doubt crows (good term) do tend to whisper to us, but take out the gun. No one ever thinks their writing is great. We all think it sucks, could be tighter, better paced, more dazzling, etc. So you are in the right company πŸ™‚

    • you want to know what really sad, Marcie? Those damn doubt crows never ever go away! I swear. You have to learn to ignore them.

  7. I just wish these thirty-two characters wandering around inside my head could agree on whose turn it is and quit buttin’ in on each other’s stories. I’m getting very confused. Especially by the guy who can’t decide what his name is.

    • Ha, I know what you mean. Often I sit and think about new stories and then I’m like, “Nope. Don’t go there. It’s too crowded in there already.”

  8. I just get up and do something, whether hiking, out to eat with friends, or a drive around town (even a day trip). Visit family anything…but I make sure I have my phone ( audio recording), notepad (if not the laptop) handy with me, b/c something will eventually pop into my head. And if all else fails. I just write something even if it doesn’t make sense. Eventually one word will become sentence, and a sentence becomes a paragraph. LOL

    • I think it’s always good to have some good thinking/brainstorming time. That’s part of the problem – I know the gist of the story, but I’m not comfortable with it yet. I did start on it today and it’s led to more thinking…but, hey, I started the book πŸ™‚

  9. I’m late, in part because my current round of edits literally terrified me and I put them off for two days before the panic became of the deadline kind rather than the “I can’t fix that!” kind.

    Everyone had good advice, and you ended up doing what mine would have been: Give yourself permission to take a day. Tell yourself you MUST take that day, you ARE NOT ALLOWED to work. But you will tomorrow. And then DO IT. Open the document, write the first word. From there, it always gets easier. (Not necessarily *easy*, just less than impossible. LOL)

    If the word count is still daunting you, if you haven’t already, break it down to a daily word count. That’s so much less scary. πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

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