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Where Am I – An Guest Blog from Kim Sanders

I first “ran into” Kim Sanders doing a guest blog on another site. I enjoyed her so much I invited her to visit us and share something about herself and boy did she! So without further ado, take it away Kim!

I am directionally challenged. There I admitted it. Spin me around three times and I will become totally lost. But it’s not my fault. I’m a very visual person, and street signs tiny and boring.

When I first started driving, I always looked for buildings, giant oaks, and even cow pastures to know where to turn. This approach worked out pretty well when I was young. For instance, to drive to my uncle’s farm, I’d always remember to turn left about thirty miles down the highway at the old tobacco barn with the billboard on the side. I still don’t know the name of that country road. Plus, if I ever got lost, the logical thing was to go to the top of a hill and look for something familiar and head that way.

This method didn’t work so well when my husband and I moved toAtlanta. The buildings were so tall that I always felt lost in a maze. We’d actually lived there almost two years when I received a job interview onPeachtree Street. Do you know how many streets are named Peachtree inAtlanta? At least seventy-one, according to Wikipedia—my source of all great knowledge. To me, this fact just proves that following signs is no help at all.

I did find the office that day, and I even got the job—thanks to my husband drawing me a very detailed map. Regardless, about a year later, I managed to get lost in the building.

The office building was a high-rise with a big elevator lobby in the middle. When I’d get off the elevator on my floor, there were French doors on either side, each with it’s own unique painting hanging just behind the doors.

One April Fool’s Day, I got off on my floor, opened the door leading to the painting I knew so well, and headed toward my office. But my office wasn’t there. Someone else was sitting in what I thought was my office. I stopped a second then just kept walking and walking until I reached the other side of the building. I found my office and a laughing co-worker. He’d come in early and switched the paintings. I told him it was unkind to make fun of the directionally challenged. He pointed out that one set of doors said East and the other, West. I had never noticed.

All I can say now is thank God for my GPS.

How about you? How is your sense of direction? 

Cynthia: Here at ENALR, we always asks our guests the same question: What is romance to you?

Kim: Romance is all about the gestures. When I was young, I always watched my dad and mom embrace romance. Mom hugging Dad when they bumped hips in our tiny kitchen; Dad briskly rubbing his cold palms together over the oil heater before cupping Mom’s cheeks for a kiss.

After my dad died, on the top of his closet shelf, I found an old homemade box with a deadbolt dangling on one side. Over the years, he’d obviously lost the key to the deadbolt and pried open the box. Inside, I found his treasures—a few photographs from their 1951 honeymoon and a 1958 magazine clipping of a model who looked like Mom. He’d kept these treasures for all those years. That is romance.

About the author

Kim Sanders is the author of the best-selling romantic suspense Shades of Gray. Kim received a journalism degree from the University of North Carolina and a law degree from Emory University, before embarking on her career as a writer. Her debut novel Shades of Gray won the 2011 Get Your Stiletto In The Door Contest for romantic suspense, was a Kirkus Reviews Critic’s Pick, and ranked number one on Amazon for contemporary romance.

To find out more about Kim, visit her website http://kesanders.com/

To stalk follow Kim online, find her at Facebook       Twitter        LinkedIn

To buy her best-selling book at Amazon

CYNTHIA:  Thanks for being here today, Kim. Okay gang, Kim is available. Ask her anything! Right, Kim?


11 Responses

  1. We must be related lol. I did (still do) the landmark thing. When I was about twelve, me and two cousins went for a walk in the woods. Woods I’d been in and out of all my life. We were lost for three hours. When they found us we were a half inch from home.

    A few years ago my hubby bought me a gps, the best thing since sliced bread. Even using it, I got lost the other day. I wound up in the middle of nowhere on a road eerily reminiscent of the one in the Stephen King short, Rock and Roll Heaven. When gps finally got signal again I headed straight home. Last week my kids broke my gps, I cried.

    • Oh no, a broken GPS! Erin, I would never find my way home. I laughed when I read your story about the instrument losing the signal in the middle of “Stephen King” land. Glad you got home safely. Tell those kids to start a penny-jar because they need to buy you a new GPS.

  2. Hi Kim. Thrilled to have you here!

    I bought a new car a couple of years ago. One of the things I HAD to have on the new car is a built-in GPS. I LOVE it. I do pretty good with finding my way places but for all that’s holy, don’t give me directions that include north, south, east, or west in the directions! As I sit here, I have no idea what direction I’m facing. Sometimes I can figure out the direction if the sun is coming up or going down. Otherwise, nope. No directional idea.

    And Peachtree in Atlanta? You are SO right! Those folks in Atlanta love the name Peachtree, don’t they?

    How are your book sales going?

    • Hi Cynthia. Thanks for having me here today.

      I’m so jealous. I so want a new car with the built-in GPS. Mine is stuck to the dashboard and falls off every time I hit the brakes, but it just keeps on talking as it slides around under my feet. Did you know you could change the voice on the GPS? One choice is a sexy male Australian.

      Book sales are going great right now; thanks for asking. For me, it has been a wonderful introduction into the world of romance writing.

      Oh, and I think I’m East of you, but I’ll have to ask the Australian. LOL

  3. Oh Kim, we’re kindred souls, lost in the wilderness. My daughter used to joke that if she wanted to know the correct way to turn, she’d ask me, then go the opposite way. It’s been a source of embarrassment to me – I’m an intelligent woman – why can’t I do this? I finally accepted that I just don’t have that gene.

    My life changed when I bought my new car, with the built in GPS that talks to me. I had no idea how much stress I’d been in!

    • Hi Laura, Sorry I called you Lauren further down–obviously, lost my way. Who did the illustration of the woman on the barb wire fence on your website? It’s great. Is it one of your book covers?

  4. I’m one of those sickening people who is actually very good with directions. It’s innate with me, as it is for my Dad. My mom is a totally different story. She could get lost in an elevator. My husband is a bit directionally challenged, too. When we’re visiting our daughter in Chicago, he always has to start with Lake Michigan. When visiting our daughter in Los Angeles, he starts with the Pacific.
    My question: Your book title is obviously very close to another popular one that’s out right now:-) Has anything “interesting” come about because of that?

    • Pamela, I would want you in the car with me when I go somewhere.

      The title has made people give me a double-take. Ha ha. I’ll always say “Not that Shades of Gray!” The wonderful thing is that when you type the title into Amazon, my book often shows up very close to the other book so people can read the summary of my book too. I get free exposure and higher sales! Yay!

      • Yay!!! Gotta love it!
        And I’m always ready for a roadtrip! I learned to read a map early in life since they never made sense to my mom. A GPS makes it way too easy;-)

  5. Hi Lauren. Your daughter sounds great. Someday we must all get together for drinks at a certain GPS location—that way no one misses the party!

    By the way, I went to your website, and I love the illustration of the woman against the barb wire fence. (Hope she’s not lost.) Is it the cover of one of your books?

  6. I”m so sorry I missed you, Kim! I worked 11 hours Friday and never made it online, then spent the weekend with deadline blinders on. Thanks for visiting!

    I have a pretty good sense of direction, except in doctor’s offices. I always forget which side of the corridor I’m on, and turn the wrong way.

    I have a HUGE mistrust of GPS. We lost signal coming home from a soccer game one time, and it took us 3x as long to get home as it did to get down there. When we were on vacation in Virginia, we lost the signal about 100 miles from Williamsburg and never got it back until we hit the same spot on the way home.

    Someone I know followed her GPS directions onto a bridge from Michigan into Canada—and no, they didn’t have passports. In NYC last year, the GPS on a friend’s iPhone told us to turn right. Took a few blocks before we discovered we should have turned left.

    So I ALWAYS have a map or directions in addition to the GPS. 🙂

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