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Summer Drinking!

And not the really good kind. You know the ones. I don’t even have to say it. My favorites start with V, the other R. One is favored by Russians, the later Pirates. Yo Ho Ho, a Pirate’s life for me!

Anyway during the winter I’ve started really sucking down the coffee. It’s low calorie compared to hot chocolate (though not nearly as tasty!). It’s also got a good little boost of caffeine which is always a bonus. Now it’s hot. Temps are hitting mid-90s and it’s only June. Can’t wait for August. It’s going to be a hot humid mo’fo in these parts.

So I’ve needed something else to drink. As much as I’ve enjoyed my coffee, I just can’t drink something hot when I’m already sweltering.

Let me introduce to you Green Tea >stage left<.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of green tea…well then you should come out from under that rock a little more often. I gave it go. I think if you licked dew in the mornings after a cool night that’d be about the taste of green tea. Possibly chew on a few blades too. To suck mine down while not adding a ton of sugar (the point is a low-cal drink after all) I water the stuff down. Less chewed on grass taste. More like Green Tea – A Hint Of Dew Flavor.

I’m trying to make myself choke this grass down daily. Around 2quarts worth. Why that much? I’m not sure. It seems I think it’ll taste better if I make it daily. By the time I brew the 4bags like the instructions say and then water it down, I end up with 2quarts. Also it doesn’t have near the caffeine content, so I drink more for extra energy. Not that I’m noticing any liveliness in my step, but my goodness, I can’t imagine myself without it! Yeah…I’m a sucker for advertising.

So I set up a reward system (Yes, I’m serious). I have to drink 2 glasses (about half the 2quarts) and I can get a reward. My reward options are this Lipton Green Tea with Mango and Pineapple. Now this stuff? This stuff is really good. Stuff like this is why I check on my Klout.com profile because it was through them I got a bunch of samples and found love with Lipton. Why don’t I just drink this? Apparently the “green tea” isn’t as strong or some such as the 100% above. I don’t know. I just know it’s sweet and a bit fruity and reminds me of V8’s Mango-Pineapple juice and it’s encouraging me to suck the other down.

My other reward is Milo Energy. Anyone ever had this? I’m still trying to figure out the squirts. It’s like Black Cherry Water – Watered Down Flavor! Yum…my.

Anyway, back to the rewards. I get one of those, then back to my green tea. I have suck a single cup down, then a choice of a reward. No, I don’t know why I have to do 2 glasses the first time and 1 the second. That’s what was decided on when I established the rules. And if I break the rules now…well, we all know I’ll break again. Once a cheater, always a cheater they say.

What’s your summer drink of choice? Since this is officially a stop on The Roughnecks Blog Tour for my latest release Rough Ride, I have a giveaway for you! Something I know I could use! A Hint Of Frost by Hailey Edwards. Love that cover. Thanks Hailey for donating to my tour! Find out more on Hailey at her Website, Facebook and Twitter spots! If you’ve got a moment, put Hailey and her family in your thoughts. Her dad is going in for a brain biopsy and he needs all the good vibes we can offer him!!


22 Responses

  1. I like the green tea with orange slices in it. It’s pretty good. Also, I make a big pitcher of water with ice and orange or lemon slices and drink that all day long. My addiction is Diet Coke with fresh lime, so like you, I have to make myself drink it. Also, cranberry juice or blueberry juice with Fresca is good.

    • oohh! I love Fresca and mixing them is a good idea! I do like cranberry juice straight too. what I’m drinking now, actually.

      I hear a lot of people adding slices of oranges or lemons to their drink. Never done that, but I’m making a pot of tea now. I might try it if I remember. remembering is the key!

  2. Well, I don’t give up coffee. I usually have two cups in the morning and a cup in the late afternoon all year long.

    As for tea, we have been drinking red zinger which is a decaffenated hibiscus tea. My husband loves it and makes it every day.

    For beverages with kick, I like coke zero and vanilla rum – tastes just like a vanilla coke, except with, you know, rum. I also like to sub vanilla rum with Malibu. We call them “camp coolers” because we drink them at the camp. Also those new Michelob dragonfruit beers are soooo good and refreshing. It’s like a wine cooler and a beer met and had a baby. Love them!

  3. Crystal Light Peach Tea is the only tea i ever drink 🙂


    • Regina, I think that’s the one my aunt uses (or used to). I don’t know about that flavor, but she likes the crystal light. she wanted more water in her diet, but hated drinking plain water.

  4. Keri, I had never drank tea until I married a Texan! With him came a Lipton iced tea maker. WalMart and Kmart carry them. I have two half gallon carafes, because we can NEVER run out (cause for panic at the Drake residence.) Try one – effortless!

    • HA Laura! oh yes. you marry a Texan and you’ll be drinking tea!

      I’ve seen the Lipton makers but I always just boil water on the stove.

  5. I like this tea. Hope everything is ok.

  6. I switched to drinking my Pepsi in a glass bottle for the summer. Or at least as long as my gas station sells them. But I got a Keurig for my birthday, the box is sitting here in my office leering at me. May try the green tea with it, just for kicks.

  7. Iced tea–it isn’t just for summer:-) We have iced tea all year long, so when summer gets here and I’m wanting some different, cool, and refreshing (with zero or no claories) I dump a Crystal Light single in my glass and pour sparkling water in and add ice. Yummy sparkling lemonade!

  8. Okay, I’m very confused.

    I get why you (probably) won’t drink plain ice water. I love it, especially loaded with ice, but my husband really has a hard time drinking plain water. He’s been using the Milo, too, and likes that. (His old standby was 6-8 cans of Coke a day.) He also likes diet iced tea–I only like my iced tea unsweetened and NEVER diet. Every artificial sweetener (or natural sweetener that’s not sugar) tastes awful to me.

    But two things confuse me.

    1. Why are you forcing yourself to drink something you don’t like that’s not really all that good for you? Sure, they say “antioxidants!” in green tea, but they’re not helping you the way you’re choking it down. Just drink the stuff you like!

    2. Why has there been no mention of iced coffee? If coffee is what you like, and you can’t drink it hot, do your own version of an iced mocha frappuccino.

    I drink hot tea and hot mochas all year round. Yeah, the heat can be too much when it’s really hot, but I’m usually drinking it in air conditioning, and almost always just in the morning.

    • ha! good points Natalie. Can you believe I have answers to these that I was already aware of?

      I actually do love water. as a kid I’d take water over a coke any day. While I enjoy it…it’s just water and sometimes I want something different. Ice is a must in my glass!

      1- if it’s not the green that is better for you (and lower in calories and sugar-free), it’s going to be dr. peppers. or something like 5hr energy, ect. While I like the Frescas, I don’t want to drink several a day. Which…yeah, that’s what would happen if I don’t have something else. So I save them for a treat, such as with popcorn.

      2-I tried Iced Coffee. I ddn’t care for it at all. It just tasted like cold coffee. Now if I had a frappa-something or other with piles of whipped cream, then we could talk. but with all that I might as well have the dr. pepper I want the most!

      • I get not liking the iced coffee–as much as I love café mocha, I don’t like any other kind of coffee, especially cold. It was just odd that you didn’t mention it!

        Of course, you could also, I don’t know, get more sleep and take a multivitamin, then you won’t need the caffeine and you can drink the fruity stuff you like. 🙂 (Note: I’m being totally hypocritical here because I get, like, 5 hours sleep a night [average!] and never remember to take my vitamins.)

        • LOLOL You just made me laugh so hard with your crazy talk about more sleep!

          I do actually take a Multivitamin-Multimineral pill and Fish Oil everyday. rarely do I miss! and I NEVER miss my synthroid pill to function my thyroid. Believe it or not, I actually try my best to eat balanced meals so I get that energy boost off them.

          • I guess I’d better stop lecturing you now, since you’re doing much better than me! 🙂

            • LOL, well I’m motivated besides just for energy. the vitamins have the 3primary minerals needed to thyroid function. my Rx for my inactive thyroid is very low. I’m hoping the minerals will have boosted my thyroid into functioning. So I take them very seriously in hopes I can stop buying the sythroid pills. I’ve been taking the vitamins for about two months now. In another month I’ll go for my yearly physicaly and have my thryoid checked!

  9. Hi Keri!
    My summer drink of choice is the passion fruit shaken iced tea lemonade from Starbucks… love that drink! Crazy thing is I’ve never been much of a tea drinker until my sis tricked me into drinking that one and now I’m hooked:)


  10. I agree coffee is a cold weather drink. I can’t handle it if it’s hotter than ninety degrees outside, regardless of the temp in my house. My favorite drink is plain old Coca-Cola but I’m trying to let go of those for several unhealthy reasons. So I’m trying the simple and economical approach, tap water with lemon juice in it. Good stuff.

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