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Friday Confessionals

It’s Friday! Time for Friday Confessionals. 

I’ll start. You guys can join in!

1.  I forgot to post the winner from my Friday post from two weeks ago. I’d give you a bunch of excuses but the reality is, I forgot. So without further ado, the winner is…  bn100   CONGRATS! Contact me with your mailing address.

2.  I read the endings of books before I read the books. I know. I know. Heretic! But I have my reasons.

If I don’t like the ending, I don’t want to spend a few days reading a book where one of the main characters (like the hero) dies at the end. Or one of the main characters ends up with Alzheimer.  I want to be happy at the end.

I don’t mind knowing the ending. It doesn’t ruin my reading pleasure (or movie watching pleasure.) What I have discovered is that if I know the ending, I can slow down reading the story. I won’t rush through to see what happens. I slow down, enjoy the story, enjoy the all the work the author put into writing the story. Otherwise I find myself (sometimes) growing impatient with the story telling, thinking, “Come on. Get on with it.”

3.  I don’t like surprises. No surprise parties. No surprise visitors. No surprise gifts – although I have to admit my hubby surprised me this week with my book cover painted on canvas. Very cool!  When I was growing up, I got very good at unwrapping my Christmas presents a head of time, seeing what was in the box and then re-wrapping them without anyone knowing. If I didn’t like the gift I would be prepared to “love it!” that day.

4.  I really and truly do not enough exercise. Looking back over my life, I’ve never been that active of a child. I remember mom kicking me outside at noon on Saturdays, after I’d spend the entire morning watching t.v.  And although I KNOW I need to lose at least 50 pounds (we’re confessing here!), I don’t WANT to make the changes in my life (food and exercise) that I would have to do that.

Okay! That’s four confessions from me. Tell me what you want to confess today. Don’t be scared. You’re among friends. Step right up to the microphone (or computer keyboard.) It’ll feel good to get those confessions off your chest.


25 Responses

  1. I read the end of books first sometimes…though the kindle makes it hard to cheat.

    I don’t like to exercise and I will bitch the entire time I do it (ask my husband…poor man)

    I don’t care for seafood though I love to fish

    I hate economy hotels. Ick. Yuck. Give me a bar in my hotel please.

    There. Four confessions 🙂

    • Nope. Kindle doesn’t stop my reading the end first. The ONLY way I am prevented from reading the ending first is audiobooks. I don’t cheat those.

      I like most seafood but only a few fishes. My fish meals have to be very mild fish. No red snapper. No salmon.

      I don’t think hating economy hotels counts. We ALL hate economy hotels. 🙂

  2. I put way too much cream cheese on my bagels.

    I still cry like a baby when Debra Winger waves goodbye to her mother at the end of Terms of Endearment.

    I can hold a grudge for twenty years.

    And last but not least I loved the Twilight books.

    • I hesitated responding to you, Erin since you LOVED the twilight books, I wasn’t sure we’d have ANYTHING to talk about! LOL However, you won me over with the cream cheese on bagels. OH YEAH BABY! Yummmm. (See my confession of my need to lose weight!)

      I used to hold grudges…okay, I’m lying. I can hold a grudge for a long time. I hate this old boss…..but that’s another story. grrr Hate that man.

      Thanks Erin!

    • LOL I thought that Twilight thing might get me in trouble. If it makes it better I refuse to watch the movies.

  3. I hated the movies, E.T., Terms of Endearment, You’ve Got Mail – anything that smacks me as consciously tear-jerky pisses me off.

    I’m a glutton. No, really. My idea of heaven is a never-ending smorgasbord where you never get full, and never gain an ounce.

    I no longer care about my chosen career, and begrudge my time at work. Often when my boss is talking, I’m mentally sticking my fingers in my ears and chanting, “Nananananana…..” (But don’t tell him!)

    I’m secretly in love with Wilson, from “House.”

    • I confess…I HATED the movie Pretty Woman. HATE HATE HATE
      Didn’t “love” Terms of Endearment. Loved You’ve Got Mail.

      As far as being a glutton…Have you ever seen the movie “Defending Your Life” with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep? It takes place in Purgatory where the recently deceased defend how they spent their time on earth, very funny movie. Anyway, one of the best things about being there (for Streep) is that she can eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she wants without gaining a pound! Heaven. hee hee

      Didn’t watch House. Can’t comment.

      Cheap hotels…scratchy sheets, crummy shower curtains, Horrible soap and shampoo.

  4. Wait, you guys – I don’t mind economy hotels! Like Tom Boudette says, “When the light is off, it doesn’t matter.”

  5. 1. I have an aversion to pretzels. They smell like sick people to me. Not sure why. I can throw up just thinking about the skinny stick kind.
    2. No one touches my navel–not even me.
    3. I’m addicted to Zumba. When I remember it’s a Zumba day, I break out in a smile. I love to dance, but don’t get to very often, so Zumba gives me my fix three times a week.
    4. I love hot onion rings dipped in a hot fudge milkshake.

    • OMG! First it’s the love of Twilight book and now you ruin a perfectly good milkshake with greasy hot onion rings??? Oh where did I go wrong in lovin’ your friendship. Sigh.

      Now the navel phobia is just strange! LOL Let’s put you on a psychiatrist’s couch and do some regression therapy. Something happened at childbirth. Some trauma in that area maybe?? Something like someone cutting something off or something? Let’s ponder this a while.

      Pretzels? Are you kidding? *sighs again* The things I learn about my friends here

      • I became quite an urban legend with the pretzel thing at the school where I taught. It grew into a story that I hated pretzels because they smell like dead people. And of course, anytime the the cafeteria put pretzels on the lunch tray, I would come back from lunch to find my desk covered in them. I got presents of bags of them which I would promptly throw out the window, to the delight of my eighth graders:-) And every year, pretzel was one of our spelling words, so I would suffer through an entire week of harrassment.
        The big, fat ones and the heart-shaped ones don’t bother me as much, though I won’t touch any of them. But I shivered just now thinking of the skinny, stick ones.
        Pardon me, I’ll go throw up now.

        • Ohhhh big soft ones, with lots of mustard! Yum!
          I guess you don’t do Chex Mix then, huh? I’m not giving you too much crap – tapioca pudding can make me hurl, just looking at it! YUKKKKK!

    • Pam, I’m with Cyndi – pretzel aversion is just strange! Mine is pudding, or anything of that consistency. Can’t make myself swallow it.

      • Mmmm–I love pudding. Mousse. Yogurt. Custard. Bring it on. Just don’t top it with pretzels.

  6. Bless me Cyndi, it’s been forever since I’ve confessed to you! confession 1… my office is so messy I don’t know where to start to clean it. (All volunteers are welcome).

    Confession 2. I love the movie oklahoma and once made my BF listen to it all the way home from Las Cruces to Farmington, NM hence he wasn’t my BF much longer after that.

    Confession 3. Love Cuban Coffee with condensed milk in it. Scrumptious and fattening. Started drinking it when I was 5.

    Confession 4. I have never seen nor read Harry Potter.

    • I cleaned my office in May. Still have some bill filing to do and some business related expenses to enter into my worksheets but at least I can get in here!

      Oklahoma – Yes, I would have broken up with you too

      Hmmm Cuban coffee with condensed milk sounds yummy. If I come to your house, you will fix for me, right?

      No Harry Potter! You’re a pagan! A total lost cause…but seriously? if you start reading them, you will read all of them!

      • LOL. Yes, come to my house, I will make you Cuban Coffee 🙂 In my spare time, I will read Harry Potter.

  7. Just catching up from being on the road for three days. I’m having trouble thinking of a confession that hasn’t already been said!

    Okay, here’s one. I don’t think I’ve been to a family doctor in over a decade. I probably haven’t had a physical in two decades. I see my gyn annually and get my mammograms, but despite being obese I’m very healthy and have no incentive to find a doctor. Thinking of trying to find a good one exhausts me.

    I know I need to get one before my body starts falling apart, but…

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