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Not what I imagined at 29




*ahem*…back to the blog…

You grow up hearing about the year you’re 29. Unmarried, drinking cocktails with your best friends, middle fingers off to men. Or being 29, sipping fruity drinks while hoping to catch that man before the dreaded 30.

Since I got married at 20, I knew the above wouldn’t be my fate (9years of marriage this fall!). I also don’t put much stock in my age number as far as what I can do or my thought process. Hard to when at 19 and working, people were routinely asking me why I wasn’t in school because I looked at the most of 16.

I expected to be full on soccer mom, complete with that Bugs Bunny version mini-van. Cause if I was driving a mini-van, by golly that baby was going to be DECKED OUT COOL STYLE with Bugs Bunny. What’s Up, Doc?

Anyway, here I am. I’m in a mid-sized SUV, the kiddo is about to school and he is all boy, all into sports. He has completely begged to play tennis. The wii has carried him this far, but in the last 6 or so months, he’s really upped the begging.

So he started in tennis lessons. My husband was taught to play as a kiddo and he’s always enjoyed it. Now that son is getting into, the husband is just itching play. Yours truly is most convenient to play. Only I don’t know how to play and the husband has got to be the worst teacher on the planet.

Now I’m in tennis lessons too. Learning to play a new sport was the absolute last thing I ever expected to be doing at this age. (for the record I told the husband “get some pictures of me playing so if all else fails, I’ll get a blog post out of this. Yeah.  … Lesson nearly over and he’d taken none.)

It was fun. Thank God I’ve been in the gym the last year and half or I never would have survived past 10minutes. 90-something degrees outside plus you add about 30* on top of that because of the heat absorbed in the courts. I expected to be so sore I could barely move, but I’m a good, slightly achy feeling and ready for my next lesson this Saturday!

Anything you picked up or started doing at an age you never in your life thought you would be doing?


16 Responses

  1. Happy birthday to your husband! I think we should never stop learning, so good for you. Plus, your son will love it knowing that you were interested enough to try something he was into.

    My husband and I started martial arts in our mid-thirties. It was something we’d both always thought would be interesting, but had never tried.

    I ran my first (and so far only) half marathon when I was 28, and did my first triathlon when I was 30. I’m slow, but I finished!

    Beyond the physical, I started over as a manufacturing engineer when I was 33, and didn’t start writing until I was 36.

    Wow, all of this age-naming is kind of annoying, because in my head, I’m still 25. 😉

    I think it’s never too late to take on something new. In fact, if I’m not learning something, I’m bored.

    • Oh yeah, and my husband and I took surfing lessons in Maui about 7 years ago. First time ever on a board despite all those years in California. 😉

    • I want to take martial arts too! one day I’ll see about squeezing it in. 🙂

      Hmm, I don’t remember anything amazing to cling to at 25. I think I feel more like 21 or 22 in my head. as I get older I suspect I’ll cling to 28-29. This age/time has been good for me. largely because I’ve gotten in so much better shape.

  2. Like Gwen, I’m not sure I’ll ever get beyond 26 in my mind. That seems to be the age I cling to. I never thought I’d be writing romance novels, so that has really come as a surprise to me–a very pleasant surprise! And I started Zumba a couple of years ago. Now I go 3 times a week and LOVE every second of the pain and torture:-)

  3. I learned to ski when I was 40. Or, more precisely, I learned to catch mountain with my butt. I was pretty much in shape because I was actively racing Hobie Cats (16′ catamaran) at the time…but you use a whole different set of muscles to ski, so I was thankful for the hot tub.

    • jealous! I want to downhill ski and snowboard one day! like you, I’ll probably be catching the mountain on my butt, but I want to try it.

  4. Wishing hubby a Very Happy Birthday! 30??? Wow, I vaguely remember that age. LOL We have grown to love tennis! Middle daughter started it off a few years back and now my son is picking it up too. Talk about a great work out! Muscles hurt I never even knew I had! LOL In the beginning, I had no idea how to play. My youngest brother and I used to hit the ball over the net and as long as it went over it was good. Didn’t matter what court it landed on either. LOL Now I can almost keep score. Almost…. 🙂 Have fun with the lessons!

    • same, Melissa! my coach said lets just get the ball over the net, we’ll work on staying in the court later. 🙂 I like this strategy.

      We go back today for my second lesson and I’m already sore from stuff earlier in the week. I don’t expect this to go well!

  5. Happy Birthday to Big M!

    The list is LONG but writing! Didn’t start until I was well over fifty. It was never even on my radar. 🙂

    And tennis? I tried but no eye/hand coordination. Good luck with the lessons. have fun

  6. Huh. I didn’t even know my husband yet when he turned thirty. And this is on of the ‘nine’ years for me too, but I’m a couple decades ahead of you. My son and I celebrated by learning to nail the landing on a front flip on the trampoline.

  7. Shoot, 30 is just a pup!
    I learned to ride my own motorcycle at 39 (hubby bought me my own for my 40th) and I started writing at 35.

    Neither of which I’d ever imagined having the guts to try!

    • so cool–and crazy! I don’t think I’ll ever have the guts to learn to drive a motorcycle–probably never ride one either! I’d have to really trust the person I was on with before I got on one. those things scare me. Maybe one day I’ll brave a moped. 😀

  8. I’m discovering that the best way to stay feeling young is to hang out with people much older than you. *beams and Laura and Cyndi* I much prefer them calling me a baby rather than looking at you, Keri, and wanting to call *you* a baby! LOL

    Not that I would. I don’t have a particular age that I cling to or remember longingly, but I just don’t feel any different than I ever have. I always thought I’d feel different. I *look* at certain things differently, but I feel the same.

    Sadly, I can far more easily point to things I gave up and miss than things I started when I never expected to. I loved to ski in high school and college, but my husband won’t, and it’s expensive, and I’m overweight and out of shape so I’m kind of scared of “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” I loved racquetball, but there’s nowhere to play anymore. I liked cross-stitch, but I don’t have time, and the patterns I loved, I can’t find anymore.

    Once my kids are grown and gone, maybe I’ll be able to fit some things–either those I miss or new ones–into my life again. In the meantime, I’m mostly happy with how they are.

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