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Get to Know the Romantics: Our Other Children

Well, it’s another fifth Friday, so you know what that means! It’s another Get To Know Us Friday!!

And this time, we’re got a sponsor! Today’s post is being brought to you by Leigh Duncan, whose latest book, RODEO DAUGHTER is on the shelves now (but only for one more week!) Leigh will send an autographed copy of Rodeo Daughter to one lucky person who leaves a comment. You don’t have to get the match of Romantic Blogger to Pet correct to win! You just have to try. The giveaway is limited to U.S. Residents only.

In March, we asked you to match out baby pictures to our adult pictures. Click HERE if you missed that one.

Back In December 2011, we posted facts about the Romantics as well as our “real cars” and our “dream cars”  Click HERE for that post.

Today, see if you can figure out which four-legged “child” goes with which Romantic.

Here is who we have pictures from: Melissa Ohnoutka, Pamela Hearon, Natalie Damschroder, Keri Ford, Liz Talley, Donnell Ann Bell, Kari Lynn Dell, Laura Drake, Cynthia D’Alba, Gwen Hernandez, Keri Stevens, Julie McCrae and Heather Brewer. (Shawna is still on maternity leave.) Good luck!

Pet A

Pet B

Pet C

Pet D

Pet E

Pet F

Pet G

Pet H

Pet I

Pet J

Pet K

Pet L

Pets M, N & O

So did you figure out who is a dog person? A cat person? A horse person? I’ll post the results about 4 p.m.

If you’re read this far, you may win Rodeo Daughter in digital format! In the comments, tell me what kind of pet you have and tell me that you read digital. That’s it. I’ll pick one winner of a digital copy from the comments. If you can leave a review of the book after you read it, that’d be great.

Thanks for coming by! Hope you enjoy our Get To Know The Romantics! Good luck with the drawing!

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25 Responses

  1. Everyone has such cute pets!

    • I know, Gwen! I was surprised by B and D! Two of us with same breed. And I happen to know that another of the Romantics has the same breed dog as I do. I loved your “baby.” What a sweet face!

  2. For years we had a golden retriever named “Murphy” He was a great dog and wonderful pet, but when he died my husband said NO more. So I no longer have a pet, but I’d love to have another.
    I do however have a borrowed e-reader that my daughter-in-law loaned me to see if I’d like one.

    • research shows that people with pets live longer, Mary. Use that argument. 🙂 But pets are a responsibility, especially if a couple likes to travel.

      How are you like the e-reader you borrowed? What type did she loan you?

  3. Love this post! Funny how we are all animal lovers. They are all precious–but, of course, my Casey is the prettiest and the sweetest:-)

    • I realize you’re new at this “Get to Know Us” game, but we usually don’t tell which one picture belongs to which person until after the game is over! LOL LOL

      • I didn’t say which one was Casey. They just need to pick the prettiest and assign that one to me;-)

      • BRAWAHAHAHAHA I realized about an hour later that I had taken the names off the pictures! When I first did the pictures, I had all the pet names but then I thought that some people might not want their pet names out (since so many people use pet names as passwords!)

        And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means MY BABY is the most beautiful one up there!

        It’s not Pet L but OMG, that one reminds me of my Dobie that died a few years ago.

  4. Oh, I miss my black labs. We’ve had two, and each one was a truly wonderful friend. Hubby says no more, but I’m feeling that yearning for something warm and cuddly so, who knows? There may be a puppy in my future.

    Love the pics of all the 4-legged friends!

  5. I know several of these, so I’m not going to guess—but Pet L *sobs* I WANT!

  6. All the pets are cute. Here are my guesses.

    Melissa Ohnoutka- J
    Pamela Hearon- M, N, O
    Natalie Damschroder- F
    Keri Ford- A
    Liz Talley- E
    Donnell Ann Bell- K
    Kari Lynn Dell- D
    Laura Drake- G
    Cynthia D’Alba- H
    Gwen Hernandez- C
    Keri Stevens- I
    Julie McCrae- B
    Heather Brewer- E

  7. We have such a great mix among us! Can you imagine an ENALR pet playdate? LOL

  8. I’m guilty of throwing a birthday party each year for my little poodle. She gets an extra large doggy cookie and presents. She knows it’s a special day.

  9. These are all so cute!!! We don’t throw Birthday parties, but our pets do get Christmas presents! 🙂

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