Our Other Children Results

Oops. I think the heat is getting to my brain! I forgot to post the answers! But I have an excuse…yesterday it was close to 105 and our air conditioning went out! We’re sitting in the den and my husband says…Something doesn’t sound right with the a/c.  Of course I haven’t noticed since the inside part of the a/c is running. I just ASSUMED the outside unit was ginning along too. WRONG. Some part had burned out. Luckily for me, I’m married to a retired A/C repair guy! He hurried off to get the necessary part while I watch the temperature in our house slowly rise. But he got it fixed and we’ re back to normal! So now that my brain is cool, I realized what I forgot to do. How did you do?

Here we go!

A –  Keri Ford

B – Liz Talley

C – Laura Drake

D – Donnell Ann Bell (although the person who matched her with the horse MADE my day! )

E – Keri Stevens

F – Cynthia D’Alba

G – Pamela Hearon

H – Melissa Ohnoutka

I – Heather Brewer

J – Gwen Hernandez

K – Kari Lynn Dell

L – Julie McCrae

M,N&O – Natalie Damschroder

Thanks for coming by yesterday and having some fun!

Mary Hay – Contact me at cynthia d alba at gmail dot com about claiming your digital book

BN100 – contact me about collecting the print copy of Rodeo Daughter

Thanks again everybody




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