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Dad to the Rescue

Ah, Summer. Time for beach vacations, movies, sports camps, Vacation Bible school, poolside fun and anything else to keep the kids from getting bored. The days are zipping by fast. No surprise there. Funny how those summer months fly while the school years seem to drag on and on at times. This summer, I’ve been pretty much home bound due to the bunion surgery, and bummed we must miss our yearly camping trip and fun on the lake. But never fear. Super Dad is here. LOL

Hubby is stepping up and making sure the kids enjoy their summer and have great memories to take back to school with them. He and my son traveled to the beautiful state of Montana for some much needed father son bonding time. What an amazing fishing trip. The pictures are just breathtaking. I think I know where I want to go for our 25th wedding anniversary. And I’m even willing to fly to get there. Now there’s a new one. I hate flying with a passion. LOL

Brave hubby is even planning a shopping/college touring trip for our girls. My oldest will graduate this school year (glup) with her sister right behind her the next. Maybe they will fall in love with the same college on this trip. Sure would make mommy feel better having them at the same school to watch out for each other. I know. I know.  It’s good for them to be out on their own. But…. Who am I kidding. You never stop worrying or being a parent. It’s a lifelong journey.

The shopping trip should be fun and very interesting. Two giggling girls and their dad. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see this first hand. LOL

I still remember those special times with my dad. The learning to drive in the mall parking lot. The changing oil and tire lessons. And my all time favorite…building the most awesome doll house from scratch.

It’s great to see the kids get some extra dad time. Makes all this hobbling around a bit more bearable and oh so worth it. 🙂

Have any favorite childhood memories you’d like to share. How about a time hubby stepped in and saved the day?


11 Responses

  1. There is a hysterical moment in WHAT WOMEN WANT with Mel Gibson when he is taking his daughter shopping. She comes out of the dressing room, looking absolutely stunning…. and Mel falls out of his chair.

    Don’t know why that popped into my head reading this…:)

  2. Yes! You need to come to Montana. I will be happy to act as your travel planning guide. And for my 25th anniversary? I want to stay here: http://www.chicohotsprings.com/

  3. I became an instant mom, Melissa. The two came as a package deal, when I married my husband. Thank god he helped out the newbie. I’ll never forget — one day our blonde 9 year old bounced in, and asked, “Dad, can I go down the street to Mandy’s house?”

    He said “No.”

    She left, and I had to ask. “Why not? Is the family weird? Are the parents not home? Is it unsafe?”

    He looked at me like I was crazy. He answered, “No, I just didn’t feel like it.”

    WHAT?!!! You mean that all those times my Mom said no, it wasn’t for a good reason?

    Opened up a whole new world for me, as a parent. 😉

    Loved the river photos – I can’t wait for October, when I get to go fishing!

    • LOL Laura!! I’ve done that too. It’s the weirdest thing. When the kids are home, there is a peace inside me I can not explain. When they are gone, even to a friend’s house down the street, the mommy in me is on edge, worrying. I know it’s silly. They can get hurt at home just as easily, but it’s a feeling I can’t turn off. And I’ve tried. Honest I have. LOL

      Fishing in October sounds so fun! Can I come to? LOL 🙂

    • LOL Laura! It sounds like you always had the right instincts.

      Here’s why I’m never going to get a Mother of the Year nomination: When my kids went to a friend’s house, unlike Melissa, I was able to breathe easily because I didn’t have to think about them every second.

  4. I am picturing your hubby shopping with the girls…can’t decide if he’ll just open his wallet or if he’ll try to “advise” them on their choices. Both have potential for hilariousness!

    My hubby has really stepped up to the plate this past week as I’ve recovered from my gallstone attack. So nice to know he can keep the house and wash clothes! 🙂 The next test will probably be later this week if I have surgery. Somehow I know he’ll come through with flying colors.

  5. Your husband sounds like a trooper:-) Camping in Montana is one thing (which BTW is a gorgeous state), but taking the girls shopping ramps him up to a whole ‘nother level! My husband claims his feet hurt if I even mention a trip to the mall!
    Hope you get to join in the adventures real soon.

  6. Definitely a candidate for Dad of the Year. 🙂

    My husband has always had better shopping trips with my kids. My girls HATE shopping, and they used to balk at every suggestion I made. My husband has not only had multiple successful clothes shopping trips with both of them, he’s even bought them clothes with them *not present* that have been perfect, both size and style wise. I know, right?!

  7. That’s so awesome. Hubby is a dang good dad. He’s counting the time for when Son is old enough for hunting trips, fishing trips, ect. Neither of them can hardly stand the wait. 🙂

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