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Go Away!

I’ll admit, I don’t keep up with a lot of celebrity business. The way they’re hounded bothers me. It looks rude to be following people around hoping for a money shot of their kids. (Seriously? In EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD, a celeb’s toddler picking its nose is the best we got to show for ourselves?)

But the celebs that seem to crave the camera? They’re free for the pickings and I really wish they’d take a little “alone” time. This famous for being famous….? What? Doesn’t compute.

When I brought up the internet, lo and behold, yahoo had a list of women men were sick of hearing about.

Gotta tell ya, this woman is stick of them too.

Kim Kardashian was at the top of the list. She’s at the top of mine too.

Oh look, Lindsey Lohan is back in jail. Or out again. Or has she just pissed off her judge again? I can’t keep up.

Snookie’s baby kicked her belly. And she’s craving something. I don’t know. Much like the Kardashian, I don’t understand this person or why most of the country is fascinated with her. (I’m really surprised she wasn’t in the top five!)

One woman on list did surprise. Princess Kate. (I know that likely isn’t proper but I’ll be run over before I call her by her maiden name. Media. Geez. Wake up.). Sure she’s everywhere, but she’s doing her job. This isn’t her out there hogging the camera. This is the cameras who won’t leave the gal alone.

So those are my top 3 list and my one surprise. Who’s on your list that you wish you could banish from the news roll?

(ps, I’ll be away from my computer most of the day, but I’ll read all your comments when I’m back!)


7 Responses

  1. All the ones you mentioned and Paris Hilton. I avoid celeb news if I can and for all I know she’s not news anymore but I’m still sick of hearing her name.

    All this press centering around people, whose only claim to fame is lots of money, disgust me. I have enough going on, on my own acreage without needing to know anything at all about their lives.

  2. Good list. And Erin? I haven’t heard anything about Paris Hilton in a LONG time!

    Like Snookie, JWow can drop out of the news too!

    The “fake celebrities” I hate are the ones who are “famous” for being “famous” (Paris being a good example)

  3. I agree with all of your picks, Keri! I would just add any of the Kardashians. And Lindsay Lohan? Really?? She obviously is not going to change anytime soon. At least they stopped constantly talking about Brittney Spears!
    I like to see pics of celeb kids sometimes just because they are so cute! Especially Gwen Stefani’s son Kingston. Gorgeous! I try not to follow the celeb news, but occassionally see the cover of magazines while waiting in line at the store or at the Drs office.

  4. Now there’s a phrase that baffles me: “Lindsay Lohan fans…” Really? These people exist?

    For my list add all of the ‘teen moms’, ‘housewives of’ and ‘bachelor/bachelorettes’. Never watch the shows, have no clue what their stories are which makes reading tabloid covers in the grocery check out line a real yawner.

  5. Totally agree with your list, Keri! I can’t turn the channel fast enough! Scary to think that some people get so caught up in all this “weird” hipe. I’m hoping it’s just like a bad car wreck, where you try, but can’t help but look.

  6. It’s just a theory, but I think part of what perpetuates this stuff is people like us bonding over our disgust and over-it-ness. 🙂 Supernatural’s Sam and Dean had an exchange when they had a job in New Jersey:

    Dean: “Maybe we’ll have a Snookie sighting.”
    Sam (who has no memory of the past year): “What’s a Snookie?”
    Dean: “Exactly.”

    And everyone who watches the show laughs, because we’re so baffled by the popularity of Snookie and co. Many of us don’t need to feel superior or compare our lives to those train wrecks, but unfortunately, there are way too many people who do. And THEN other people feel *inferior* because they don’t understand why everyone’s talking about Snookie, so they seek information so they don’t feel left out, which then makes the networks and media think that Snookie is actually popular! So then they have her write a book and get her own spin-off show! It’s a monster that feeds itself on lies and misinterpretation.

    So there’s my social analysis for the week. LOL (For the record, I don’t watch any reality TV and roll my eyes every time any of the names on Keri’s list are mentioned.)

  7. And since she’s in the news today for cheating on her boyfriend, let’s add Kristen Stewart to the mix. I don’t give a fig if she’s dating Robert Pattison or Caspar the friendly ghost.

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