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Let’s Get Crafty!

Seems like I get to confess quite often here on the blog. So today’s confessions…I have no artist talent. I can’t paint, unless you’re talking walls and then I’m awesome. I can’t draw a picture, unless a stick horse counts. Neither of these lack of abilities has really rocked my world. However, I can’t sew and that’s a talent I could use.

When I was in junior high, all girls were required to take Home Economics while the boys got to take shop. I would have LOVE to take shop! But no, I was stuck in Mrs. Wright’s Home Economics class. There we learned to cook, how to set a proper table, and how to sew. Exactly I didn’t do so great with that sewing aspect. I made a pair of shorts as required but I never ever wore then again!

My mother was an excellent seamstress. She would make me clothes A LOT, which was great for a family that didn’t have a lot of money to buy new clothes for two teenage girls. She could cut out a dress in the evening and have it ready for me to wear in the morning. I don’t think I appreciated how hard that was at that time. Now I do.

Cyndi’s Sewing Machine

YEARS ago my mother picked up a portable sewing machine for me. Used, old but worked. She failed to give it to me until two years ago when I physically went to get it. You may be wondering why I would insist of bringing house something I wouldn’t use except I decided I could resew the seams of the cushions on my boat. And I did! Then I decided I would recover the arms of the loungers on the boat. I did those. They aren’t great but hey! The boat is almost 17 years old, so a badly recovered arm beats the old ones with holes, right?

Now my latest project (I’m stretching my limits!) is to convert flat sheets into fitted sheets for my bed. We don’t use a top sheet on the bed. Hubby hates them so I’ve ended up with many high quality sheets. To save money, I decided to convert all these flat sheet to fitted sheets.

I raced to the internet and found lots of directions. All of them ASSURE me how easy it is. So far, not so much. My first attempt is balled up on the floor beside me. Not sure it’s gonna work but I started with a cheap sheet, so no loss. I want to get it right before I move on to my 800 and 1000 thread flat sheets.

So I’ve stretch myself to try something outside my comfort zone.

Have you ever tried something like this? Or something truly outside your comfort zone?


9 Responses

  1. I was a 4-H kid so I learned to sew early on in life. The favorite thing I ever made? A 50’s style dress with big sky blue polka dots and a round twirly skirt. Never did find a proper sock hop to wear it to. *sigh*

    • My favorite skirt of ALL TIME was a circle skirt, no pleats or gourds, that hit at the top of my shoes. Completely round with only one seam. I could probably sew that, right? I think it’d be the waistband that would give me trouble. Do you still sew?

  2. My mother can sew anything under the sun and used to make the cutest dress up clothes for my girls when they were younger. Me. I can sew a straight line, but can’t follow a pattern. I tried to make them fairy princess dresses one halloween and mermaid tails the next. Not pretty. LOL But I tried! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the sheets!

  3. Just seeing the pictures of sewing machines on your blog makes me wince. For me, the writing was on the wall in fourth grade, when I had to sew a pair of shorts for 4H. Miss Mary, the leader, was the sweetest, kindest woman you ever knew, but she laughed in my face when she saw I’d sewn the legs shut.
    I tried again when I was a newlywed (because what kind of young wife can’t sew?) A few years ago, however, I gave that machine to a truly crafty friend who, in exchange, hems my curtains, repairs my seams and does the random sewing tasks for me skillfully and cheerfully.
    I am a master at the craft of bartering.

  4. Congratulations, Cyndi! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was lucky to grow up in the age when both boys and girls did BOTH home ec and shop. My kids do, too. Number One made a duffel bag you can’t tell wasn’t store bought. That’s MUCH more practical than the stupid three-tier skirt I made, or the lopsided teddy bear.

    I can’t use the term “outside my comfort zone” because if it truly is, I won’t do it. Like, I’ve replaced electrical outlets and recovered the dining room chairs and been proud of it, though I have no training. I didn’t hesitate to try them.

    I *would* say “outside my skill set,” though, and sewing definitely qualifies. So does ironing. I know how to do stuff, but I suck at it so I don’t do it. My husband does his own ironing. I don’t own anything I need to iron. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am not crafty either. My mom sews and Jade (dtr) is super crafty. She paints, makes beaded jewelry and her newest craft projects are purses, pens, hair bows & etc with all the new cool duct tape prints that are out there.

    whenever I need something mended (expect buttons sewn on) i send it to moms.

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