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Nicknames With Lanielove!

Helllloooo all! I have a guest with us today and please be good to her. This is her first guest post—as in EVER! Lanie Jordan’s a doll I love her and you will to. She’s been having some power outages off and on when she sent me this post. Hopefully they’ll be cleared up by the time this posts goes up so she can chat with you all!
Here’s Lanie!

When Keri Ford asked me to take over a guest blog, my initial thought was, ‘Oh, sure!’ followed by a brief moment (okay, 20 minutes) of ‘Oh, crap! What’ve I gotten myself into?’. That left me only a week to come up with a post. And not just any post, but something at least semi-amusing, informative, or cool. Unfortunately…I’m not really any of those things.
So, she suggested I write about wrestling. But who would want to hear me talking about half-naked men throwing each other around in a 15×15 ring? Okay, maybe some people. But I’m a really bad commentator, so the majority (read: all) of my post would have been John Cena-centric.
Then I had another brief moment of panic, followed by the decision to blog about nicknames. Almost everyone has one, right? Right.

Well, some nicknames are good, some are bad, some are just really weird that no one in their right mind can figure out (which is often part of their charm). For our very own Keri Ford, I’ve nicknamed her Kerpie. Why? Because of someone else’s nickname. One of our mutual friends calls her Keripie. In one of my moments of non-readeryness, I read it as Kerpie, and thus, the nickname was born. (Sorry, Keri—blame Sasha!)

My latest release, Breed of Innocence (an Urban Fantasy YA), was originally written as an adult novel. When I first wrote it as such, a few of the characters already had nicknames. I had no idea why or how they’d earned them, but there they were. It wasn’t until I rewrote Breed in YA form that I learned how these characters earned their nicknames (and believe me, they’re well deserved!).
I also have some new characters who, unfortunately, have garnered themselves nicknames. Jade, my heroess (I don’t like calling them heroines), calls a woman she knows Fishface. This nickname is two-fold: the woman’s last name is Gill, and the character makes faces like a fish. (This is one of those nicknames that is totally deserved, by the way.)
Nicknames are great (just not the one I’ve listed). There are almost always stories behind them. Sometimes they’re given out of meanness (only for a few characters), sometimes out of affection (I’m still working on this, I swear), and sometimes out of sheer mockery (sorry, Linc—hero dude—but you kinda set yourself up for this one, even if you don’t know the nickname yet!).
Nicknames can help set us apart. They can, when given out of affection or said mockery, make us feel special and show that we’re a part of something. And when they’re given out of meanness or deserved-ness (new word), they…do something too, I’m sure, and it’s probably helpful to someone. Somewhere.
So, tell us readers, what are some of your nicknames, either given or received? (I would share some of the nicknames I’ve earned over the years, but unfortunately, they’re therapy-seeking nicknames, and just the thought of them brings me to tears. Or chocolate eating. Mmm. Chocolate.)

I’m going to give away copies of Breed of Innocence to 2 people who comment. I’ll be mean and let Keri pick, so if you don’t win, blame her! 😀 Don’t forget to leave your email addy with your comment so we can contact you!! Winner picked Saturday, August 4th at some point.

Find out more on Lanie at her website or by following her on Twitter, Facebook. Be sure to check out her new YA Urban Fantasy, Breed Of Innocence:

Six hours ago, men in dark suits and sunglasses came looking for me.
Four hours ago, they offered me training to hunt the things that killed my family: demons.
Two hours ago, I joined their secret organization–the CGE.

Now… All I have to do is survive demon-hunting school.
The classes won’t kill me, but the finals might.

$3.99 in ebook at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple | Smashwords

Read an excerpt here
Book Trailer: YouTube or Amazon


25 Responses

  1. When I was four friends of my parents nicknamed me Cyclone. Self explanatory, I believe.

    • I love that! Cyclone is a cool nickname. Much better than the ones I had as a kid! I think among them was “Frog”, because I used to sit like one, lol.

  2. You can’t blame me! You can however, blame random.org 🙂

    My husband often calls me a “turkey”. I’m not real sure why. I’m not sure he knows either, but he does and has for years

  3. When I was in junior high I decided to see if I liked being called Jessie instead of Jess or Jessica…it was a nickname fail! Nobody’s ever given me a fun nickname, just Jess.

  4. My dad has always shortened Pam to just P–quite embarrassing during my high school days when boys would call:-( My uncle always called me Pamaram. And my adult friends came up with Pammycakes– and it has stuck unfortunately:-(

    • I can see how ‘P’ might be a little embarrassing–especially in high school.

      Pammycakes is cute, I like it! A lot of my friends call me Laniebug now. I’m actually really fond of it. It’s sweet–like Pammycakes. 😉

  5. A lot of people call me Suz these days. In A school I was Izzie because it’s close to my real last name. A couple people tried to call me Suzie Q, which made me want to punch them. I tried to be a Suzi but it didn’t work out.

  6. I’ve been called several things, some of which were not nice but the only nicknames that ever stuck were BevAnn, because Beverly is my middle name, no clue about the Ann. The other is Erskine, hideous I know. Apparently it snowed when I was little, in Louisiana that doesn’t happen often, and my mother dressed me up to go play in it. My aunt said I looked like an Eskimo and I said I’m not a Erskino, hence Erskine.

    • The Eskimo story is adorable! Erskine is unique. That’s a good nickname! (Not sure if I’m saying it right, but I still like it!)

      I used to call one of my friends Chica Banana. I had a habit of calling people–well, girls–Chica back in the day, and for some reason, those old banana commercials popped into my head and I added the ‘banana’ to the end. I don’t think she ever forgave me for that one… But it was totally given out of love!

  7. Yay! Great post 🙂 interactive and informative and you shared fun backstory info on your characters 😀 all that angst and it’s the bomb diggity! lol my nick names easy cause my name’s Kathie Fish-so I’m Kat Fish, Kat or Kit-Kat 😀 I already have your book don’t enter me in the contest :p
    queenoftarts at thebooktart dot com

    • I did angst a little, didn’t I? lol. Thanks, Kit-Kat. I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

      I’ll probably end up calling you Kit-Kat now, since you put that name in my head, and you can’t even blame me for it! WIN!

  8. Someone (let’s not point fingers but it was Lalalanie) nicknamed me Aylalala 😀 Weirdly, all my nicknames have been variations of my actual name…. hmmm i wonder what that says about me?

  9. This is an awesome post, and a great conversation! Thanks for letting us…um, pop your blogger cherry. So to speak.

    My mom’s initials were TAM and she always wanted people to call her Tammy, but it never stuck. (She was Teresa, Terie for short, pronounced “tree” which I loved.) So when I was born, my initials were NJJ. My dad said “Njjjjj. What can you make of that?” So I became Nuj, and still am, 41 years later. 🙂

    My kids’ initials are DED and MLD. They get a kick out of being Dead and Mold, though we don’t call them that. LOL

    • Dead and Mold, lol. Those are kind of twisted, but I like ’em! I’m slightly evil, so I’d probably use them more.

      Trying to pronounce your initials, I can see why Nuj would be picked, but looking at it, I’d’ve gone with Ninja! (I might have a *tiny* ninja bias, though.)

  10. No nicknames. The book sounds good.


  11. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented, and a big thanks to Keri for having me today! Appreciate you all sharing your nickname stories with me. *grin*

    Happy reading, y’all. Hope the rest of everyone’s week is great! 🙂


    Kathie Fish-so I’m Kat Fish, Kat or Kit-Kat


    Jessica Fritsche

    !!!! YAY !!!!

    thanks all for commenting. if Kat and Jess would email authorlaniejordan @ gmail. com (no spaces) she’ll get your books delivered.

  13. ack…seriously, I should read first. Kat already has Lanie’s book and asked not to be entered! soooooo…..

    our other winner IS Ayla!!!!

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