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Shameless Self-Promotion

EDITED: Hi everybody! Cynthia D’Alba sticking her head in. Pam didn’t know how to add pictures and I thought I’d add them so you will see the pure joy on her face at her first signing! Congrats, Pam. 

All of us here at ENALR are romance authors, but you already knew that.  The purpose of this blog is to get to know us as people.  Our likes, dislikes, quirks, families, dreams, pet peeves, etc.  You’ve celebrated anniversaries with us, wept with us over pets, laughed with us about our kids’ antics.  We’ve shaken our collective heads when trying to figure out male logic, and applauded and cheered when house renovations have turned out splendidly.

But because I can’t separate that I’m a romance writer from the rest of my being, the part of myself that I’m sharing will come across as the shameless self-promotion that it is.  But, here it comes anyway because I’m too thrilled to write about anything else today!

My Harlequin Superromance debut novel OUT OF THE DEPTHS released on August 7!!!  Yay!!!  This is the book that Cynthia D’Alba and I were discussing on a beach in Florida one day.  I was frustrated it hadn’t sold.  My agent was frustrated it hadn’t sold.  And as I was venting that frustration one day, Cyndi asked what it was about.  I gave her a short synopsis, after which she uttered those fateful words:  “That sounds like a Superromance.”

I had never read a Superromance, but I started reading them that afternoon.  Wow!  Cyndi was right.  Everything about the line felt right.  My agent agreed, submitted to the line, and the rest is history.

Last week, I walked into the Books-A-Million in my hometown of Paducah, KY and saw one of my books on the shelf for the first time.  It was a feeling like nothing else in the world.  The Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden, IL, near where I live now, threw a celebration booksigning for me this weekend.  A large crowd showed up–people who cared enough to want to share this special time.  It was thrilling and very humbling.  I tend to be a bit shy, and the thought of being the center of attention had me so intimidated that around 3:00 that afternoon, I was ready to cancel.  But I didn’t–and I’m so glad.  Old friends showed up–some I hadn’t seen in years.  Family.  Former students.  People I’d never met.   An odd conglomeration of personalities coming together to celebrate my dream-come-true.

The highlight of the night came at the end.  The crowd was gone but a small, intimate group remained.  That was when my husband toasted me with champagne.  The pride in his eyes and his voice was another dream-come-true.

And that’s when it hit me that it wasn’t the sales or the reviews or the rankings of the book that was important.  It was the people in my life who believed in me.  Their love and support had made me important for a brief moment in time … made me SOMEBODY.

How about a little shameless self-propmotion of your own.  Share your proud moment with us.  For the first time on this blog, I get to offer a copy of my book to a someone who leaves a comment!  YAY!!!! 🙂


36 Responses

  1. Oh Pam, I’m so glad you allowed us to share in your celebration — congratulations!!!! I can’t imagine how thrilled you are! Your book signing sounds like such a wonderful experience. I wish you many sales, and many more books!!!!

  2. Hooray, Pamela! Such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and you should shamelessly self-promote because there’s nothing better than sharing such a wonderful joy with a friend. Congrats on your first book and I know there will be many more to come.

    Hmm…I think my biggest pride moment was getting my first “fan” letter about my book. That’s when it hit me. People other than my family are reading my book. That was a pretty cool feeling 🙂

    • You just gave me shivers, Liz! Yes, that is truly a moment to treasure. I bought UNDER THE AUTUMN SKY last week. It’s on my bedside table … waiting … calling to me 🙂

  3. Congrats Pam! I am so happy for you. You should add that picture of you and Dick at the signing. It’s such a fabulous picture!

    I agree with Liz. My first fan letter was like…OMG! Someone liked my work! But that feeling hasn’t abated as I’ve received more fan letters. In fact, I found one in my email just last night. Quite a thrill.

    • I would have added the picture if I’d known how, Cyndi. LOL! You’ll have to give me some lessons this winter:-) Can’t wait for that first fan letter. And you’re still getting them? WOW!

  4. Pamela, you made my eyes water. Seeing your book on a shelf, and then sharing the celebration with so many who care for you… WOW.

    • It was definitely quite a week, Abigail. What stunned me were the people I hadn’t seen in so long. And one elderly lady was a huge Harlequin fan. She seemed so thrilled. And I was thrilled that she was thrilled! 🙂

  5. Well, Pam, I have to say it couldnt have happened to a nicer person. You have worked hard, volunteered, been an amazing role model and never quit. I hope BAM still has some books because I’m heading to Dukey if it stops raining.

    • Heidi,
      Dare I say I hope they’ve sold out? LOL! Still waiting for that lunch date, sweet lady! (((hugs)))

  6. Thanks, Cyndi! The photos do add a nice touch:-)

  7. Congrats, Pam! What a fabulous feeling that must be. It’s wonderful that so many people turned out for your book signing.

    It’s been exciting seeing my friends’ books on the shelves; I think it’ll be pretty surreal to finally see my own.

  8. Congratulations, Pam! I am so happy your dreams are coming true! I loved reading all three of your books and couldn’t tell you which was my favorite. I’m definately looking forward to your next one and wish it was already here! I’m so glad you had a successful book signing!!!

    • That’s so sweet of you, Dawn! I’m thrilled you enjoyed all three. They’re all very different–it took me awhile to figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be (other than a good one:-)

  9. Congratulations, Pam! Sounds like a wonderful evening! 🙂 So excited for you and wishing you many more moments just like this one! Can’t wait to read it!

  10. Hey Pam, so proud for my dear friend. Loved the picture of you and Dick at the signing. I can’t wait to read your new book. When I see you next, I want an autograph! ((hugs))

    • Kassie!!! Thanks so much for stopping in! Will I see you at the reunion? I hope so. But instead of an autograph, wouldn’t you rather I leave my mark by straightening your hair? LOL!
      (Sorry, private joke here although anyone reading this who’s had a best friend can probably figure it out:-)

      • Yes I will see you at they reunion and really looking forward to seeing you. I think I prefer the autograph if it is all the same and will take a pass on the hair. Green rubber still is not my best look. 😉

  11. Congratulations, Pam! I’m so excited for you! And what a great celebration you got to have! 🙂

    But darlin’, you have a lot to learn about shameless self-promotion. LOL Where are the LINKS? How can we go buy your book if you don’t give us info?! 🙂

  12. Pam, I’m so very proud for you and am thrilled you’re here with us, celebrating with your first release. There’s nothing like that first time. Each book is crazy amazing feeling, but somethign about that first one just sticks with you.

    and yes! links, doll. links! we have several readers who subscribe to the blog and each new post lands in their email. they don’t even see the stuff on the side!

  13. Congratulations, Pam! Sounds like your support system–especially your husband–made your debut even more memorable. You are one lucky lady! Can’t wait to read your book–I love Supers!

  14. Congratulations! No moment to share.

    • So your moment is still to come! That’s exciting, too:-) Nothing like the thrill of anticipation! Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Yay! Congratulations!!!! I’m excited for you.

  16. this is definitely something to be ‘shameless’ about. LOL. Congrats. That is still my goal. To see my book in a bookstore! Best wishes in all you do!

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