Heather Brewer



Heather Brewer

I am an avid reader, primarily paranormal books and have about 400+ books sitting on my TBR shelves.  Some of my favorite authors are Lora Leigh (whom I admire greatly), Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, JR Ward, Laurel K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelley Armstrong, Lynsay Sands and many others.  I’ve never written anything until I wrote my 1st review for the blog.

Our book club has traveled to Memphis, Nashville, Oklahoma, Dallas and almost St. Louis to meet our favorite authors. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the local authors from AR such as Melissa Ecker, Margaret Ethridge, Delilah Devlin, Shayla Kersten, Cyndi and Keri.

Photography is my other love, I always have one of my cameras and a book with me, no matter where I go.  I am in my 40’s and have a degree in HR Management after almost 10 years of school. I decided to start grad school the fall of 2008 and will have my MBA.  I got my 1st tattoo for my 40th birthday and my 2nd one the next year to celebrate my granddaughter’s birth. 


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